An aged old question!


How many friends or family do you know who have battled or are battling the reality of the changes associated with AGED CARE? Are you facing this very challenge?

You are viewing the scene ahead, not knowing how it will unfold or even how it should unfold.


You have so many decisions to make, many people to please, many questions to ask?


You need to act before the situation becomes a crisis......a crisis that could be avoided.


These are not exaggerated words, this is a situation you will most likely face or are facing now.


The EMUNAH CENTER can help you and your loved ones through the Aged Care maze - we address the following areas of concern and more:


  • Help remove your anxieties & fears.
  •  How you can navigate a family crisis!
  • Coping with the oncoming lifestyle changes.
  • Steps you can take to improve a given situation.
  • Ways to avoid the pitfalls associated with aged care.
  • The wrong way and the right way to approach a challenge.


The very best of us become anxious during these times. Your usual clear thinking can become clouded by the many emotions that enter the arena. You can easily become confused, frustrated, wanting immediate answers.


Having someone beside you ....understanding your anxieties, encouraging you ......helping you to find ways of dealing with difficult questions as you navigate the journey....These  cannot be underestimated.


For instance - if you need to choose an aged care facility for a loved one, this can be a most stressful time. How do you try and choose a credible facility? One that will provide the highest level of care!  There are simple yet proven strategies to help with this process.


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In fact there are numerous ways to navigate and employ strategies that result in great outcomes. The Emunah Center has been created to help you and your family to do just that.


Are you fed up with trying your best but not achieving the outcomes you want? If so you are not alone. The Emunah Center will provide a level of guidance for you through issues of concern, addressing information everyone needs to know.


As you well life there are few guarantees. The good news is.....steps can be taken REDUCING bad outcomes.....often experienced in “aged care”. Take action now and begin to plan ahead. Please do not wait until a crisis arrives..... when this lose control of the situation.


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There is no need to battle through the challenge ahead by your-self. Don’t make the mistake of leaving everything to the last moment.


How come most of us have a maintenance schedule for our vehicles, but when it comes to our lives we fail to do the same.


If your aging loved ones are important to you ..... no doubt they are.....then it might be time you contemplated the journey ahead and implemented some strategies to help cope with the challenge of aged care. Planning is crucial if you are to avoid a crisis, so take control of the situation before someone else does.......


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Rabbi [Messianic] Philip Hammond.

M: 0416 087 400




Debra Hammond.

R.N. Division 1

Qualified Mental Health Nurse.

Graduate Diploma counselling.

M: 0488 280 126



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